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Looking for the best builder Christchurch has to offer? Getting the right builder is important as the repercussions of choosing the wrong builder can be very costly. Here at Vogue Construction, we have fully licenced and accredited builders available that can perform a large variety of building services in Christchurch and surrounding areas. To book an appointment or to receive a free no-obligation quote, call us on 01202 593236.


Builder Christchurch

Choosing a Builder in Christchurch

Looking for a Christchurch builder is no easy task. You will find that many builders are booked months in advance and you don’t want to or can’t wait that long or you will find that there is an influx of builders that no one has ever heard of offering low prices. You’ve also got a friend of a friend saying that they know a builder who can undertake your project for half the price than any other builder is offering. How do you know which is the best builder Christchurch can offer you?


Building Credentials

You should never trust a builder that doesn’t have any credentials to show their qualifications or proof that they perform high-quality work by being registered with an officially recognised government regulated company. A reliable builder will be fully qualified and be able to confidently tell you which organisations they’re registered with. Make sure you check this with the organisations to prove the validity. This makes choosing a builder much easier as you will have a selection of builders that are fully certified.


Example Work

Whether you’re getting a new build or simply having your walls re-plastered, all building services that you receive need to look great in addition to being structurally sound. When looking at builders in Christchurch, ask them for a portfolio of building work that resembles the service you need. This way, you have an indication of the quality of work that they produce.



As with any service, it’s always important to receive a service with a smile, even with builder Christchurch services. Many building projects are not quick jobs and often, the builders could be at your property every day for weeks or even months; therefore, it’s important that the builders are polite, friendly and approachable. If they don’t speak to you in a friendly manner upon first contact, then chances are, they will be less polite during the building project as everyone tries their best to secure customers during initial proceedings. Make sure the builders in Christchurch that you’re considering are friendly and polite to you.



Before contracting any builder Christchurch has to offer, make sure to receive a free no-obligation quote on the building services that you require. If need be, get it in writing and make sure there are no hidden costs before you sign any contracts as many people are faced with large bills upon completion of their building services that weren’t in the original scope. Additionally, the cost is always a factor when choosing a company to provide you with a service. If a company quotes you a price that sounds ludicrous, then it’s best to receive more quotes to get a ballpark figure that you’re looking at. The opposite is also true; if a builder offers you a low quote that sounds too good to be true, then chances are it probably is, and you’ll be left with poor-quality craftsmanship or a large bill on completion.



Undergoing construction work in your home is a daunting prospect and it’s only natural that you will have questions for the builder about the process. You shouldn’t hold back from asking the builder any questions that you need answering and a good builder in Christchurch will be completely transparent with you. If they avoid any questions that you ask or don’t know the answers, then it’s best to avoid them.


Hiring the Best Builder Christchurch has to Offer

If you want to hire the best builder Christchurch has available that is highly skilled in many areas of the building industry, then you’re in the right place. Vogue Construction is a company that you can rely on to perform an outstanding quality of building work at competitive prices. We can show you a portfolio of previously completed work in addition to all the credentials you need. Call today on 01202 593236 to see your dream become a reality.

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