Design & Building

Property Design Services

Vogue Construction is about more than just building.

We want to make sure we’re creating a space you’ll love which is why we like to work alongside you in the design process, seeing your project from start to finish.



Our skilled architect can help you show us your vision. They’ll discuss with you your initial ideas, helping you to develop them into something realistic and work through any issues that may arise with your plans. Even if you are certain of what you want, having a professional to put your plans to paper will help the overall outcome of your project.


In your first design and planning meetings, you and our architect will discuss out your ideas.

This is when you’ll begin to work on exactly what it is you want to do and the vision you had will start to become a reality. Our architect and building team will then create a quote for your individual project for you to accept.


Once you’ve agreed on the quote, our architect will begin to draw out your building plans.

They’ll detail both what you want and the practical necessities, creating a blueprint for your ideas that we can build. You’ll meet again to discuss the drawings, working on them until you’re completely happy. Once the designs are given the go ahead, they’ll be passed over to our building team who can get to work.

We like working with our clients from the very first step. By working through the design process with you, we get a more in-depth idea of exactly what you want and can create your dream build. For a complete construction service that’ll be by your side throughout your project, get in touch with us at Vogue Construction today.

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