Garage Conversion

Garage Conversions Bournemouth

Garage ConversionGarage conversions are becoming increasingly popular with more and more people preferring to change a garage’s purpose from that of storing a car to one of providing another useful living space.

The most common use is for a study area. Other uses are a playroom, ground floor bedroom, separate dining room or an annex for use with an elderly relative.

Why get Garage Conversions in Dorset?

With most people having off-road parking available or a driveway to park their car, a garage is uncommonly used to store a car. Now, a garage is commonly used as a workshop with tools for trades such as carpentry or simply as storage space. Because a garage isn’t built for these purposes, it can be converted to better match these needs or to create extra useable space for your property to make the garage more inviting and a safe place for its purpose.

If the garage is converted into an extra bedroom, this can typically increase property value by 10% or 20%; this makes it a highly desirable option for people looking to sell their property as they can make a profit. It can also be converted into other uses such as a playroom or a gym. Additionally, a garage can be converted without the need to obtain planning permission, which makes it a desirable service for people looking to extend the useable space within their Bournemouth properties quickly and efficiently.

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