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Are you in need of a Garage Conversions in Bournemouth?

Garage Conversions Bournemouth

Many people use their garages for storage for items that are rarely used, which ends up creating cobwebs to the point that you never want to set foot into your garage. Why not convert your garage into something useful such as a games room or even an extra bedroom? Here at Vogue Construction, we can create the best garage conversions Bournemouth has to offer; call us on 01202 593236 and we’ll provide you with a free quote!

find the perfect use for your garage

Garage Conversion Company Bournemouth

You can convert your garage into anything that you’d like if you have space available. Garages in Bournemouth are commonly converted to:

  • Home Gyms
  • Extra Bedroom
  • Games Room (Man Cave)
  • Dining Room
  • Home Office
  • Kids Playroom
  • Annexe
  • Extra Lounge
  • Many More!

We can create any of these for you to ensure that you have the perfect use from your garage. You can also have an extension built on top of your garage if you wish to keep your existing garage space as it is.

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Why Get a Garage Conversion?

The possibilities for garage conversions are endless. It can help you create more space for your home but help you organise everything that was stored in your garage. You may even be able to sell all the contents in there to pay for your new garage conversion! You’d be surprised what we’ve seen stored in un-used garages over the years.

When you have a growing family or the needs for your home change, you may be thinking about upgrading your home which can be a stressful process with the upheaval of moving all your belongings as well as the cost. A garage conversion allows you to upgrade your home without moving at all! Here at Vogue Construction, we can even build another story onto your garage to give you all the extra room that you need whilst being able to stay in your beloved home.


A garage conversion is cheaper than buying a large property and will also increase the price of your property if you ever wish to sell it in the future.

One of the great things about having a garage conversion is the fact that it’s separate from your main property. This means that you have a great place for privacy if you want to have some time to yourself in a quiet, relaxing environment.


Whatever reason you have for converting your garage, Vogue Construction provides the best Garage Conversions Bournemouth has to offer.

building designs from your mind to paper

Why Choose Vogue Construction for your Garage Conversion Bournemouth?

If you’re looking for the best company to provide you with your garage conversions, then look no further than Vogue Construction. We will help you along every step of the way from initial planning, right the way through to aftercare. This even includes helping you obtain planning permission (should you require it). Additionally, you’ll also get access to:

Friendly, Reliable Staff – All our staff are polite and friendly and always keep to schedule to ensure that you’re garage conversion is completed on time.

Transparency – With Vogue Construction, you’ll be dealing with workers that are always open and honest with you. From initial planning to final construction, we’ll talk you through the process and what is happening with your garage conversion.


Affordable Prices – Vogue Construction believe in fair and affordable prices for your garage conversion. When you enquire into garage conversions with us, we’ll provide you with an honest, free quote for the project to take place including the parts and labour.

Designing Help – We can help you design the layout of your new garage conversion down to every little detail to ensure that you are left with the perfect new garage conversion that you envisioned.

A Trustworthy Company – we’re registered with the Federation of Master Builders and the Independent Network in addition to Trustmark – Government Endorsed Quality.

Getting Your Garage Conversion

If you want the best garage conversions Bournemouth has available, give Vogue Construction a call on 01202 593236 and we’ll provide you with a free no-obligation quote for your conversion. If you would like any more information on garage conversions or our other services, email us on and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Get in touch with our friendly team and let us know about your requirements.