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Are you in need of a House Extension in Bournemouth?

House Extensions Bournemouth

Are you looking for a company that can handle your house extension projects in Bournemouth or surrounding area(s)? Then look no further than Vogue Construction. Vogue construction are industry leaders in providing reliable and high-quality building services and we now offer our services to cater to all of your project’s needs and demands.

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Property Renovations and Extensions Bournemouth

Are you looking for House extensions Bournemouth House renovations or house extensions are projects where you may decide to change the interior or the exterior of your property to enhance the way it looks and to potentially improve the value of your property? Radical changes through to small alterations. You can extend your house in terms of space or utilise the space better. You can decide to re-arrange your room locations or walls.

There are many possible ways by which you can renovate your house. A well designed and built house extension will add extra living space and potentially increase the value of your property.

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Bournemouth Extensions and Alterations

If you need extra living space but want to keep your existing property, then an extension could be for you. Many people have front gardens that are commonly unused or a large back garden space that isn’t all needed; these are the areas where extensions are commonly built. You can extend your home making space for almost anything you’d like, such as a dining room, extra bedroom, conservatory, granny annexe, gym room and more.

Planning permission is needed to create an extension on your property and Vogue Construction can help you to obtain this.

Our house extensions Bournemouth services give you access to affordable and creative designs that can even allow you to have a two-story building extension on your property. With electricity, water and gas supplies, Vogue Construction will hire the relevant qualified bodies. Additionally, our in-house architect can help you design the perfect extension, so you don’t need any other company to build your property extension as Vogue Construction will do everything in-house.

If you’re looking to alter the arrangement of your property by adding or the existing structure in place such as walls, our builders in Dorset will create a development plan that imposes minimal disruption.

transform wasted space into living space

Property Renovations and Extensions Bournemouth

In almost all cases it is wasted space that can be turned into living space. If the attic is used for storage there is no need to lose all of this storage space as some attic space can be retained.

A typical internal project will often include a full strip out back to a bare shell, new ceilings, plastering and partitions, full electrical and mechanical services, with decoration and flooring as the finishing touches.

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Full-Scale Refurbishments Bournemouth

In some cases, you may want to refurbishment an entire room or house to increase the value of your property or make your property more suitable to your style. 

Vogue Construction builders have the experience and skills to carry out a high-quality refurbishment service across commercial, domestic and industrial properties to support personal plans and investment projects. 

From minor alterations to a complete full-scale property renovation, we can deliver a wide range of renewal, remodelling and reconfiguration projects to suit your refurbishment needs.

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Structural Refurbishments in Bournemouth

It has been known that business owners will purchase a commercial property or space that is derelict or has regulations in place that require the structure to stay the same (for example a religious structure usually cannot be demolished). Our Bournemouth builders can carefully and creatively work with the structure in place and renovate it to ensure that it looks modern and provides you with your business needs. To help create designs for your refurbishment project, we have an in house architect available that is versatile in all building types and styles.

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Regardless of what building services you may need, contacting Vogue Construction for your builders in Dorset will give you access to the highest quality products, services, designs and final construction.


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