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Are you in need of A loft conversion in Dorset?

Loft Conversions Dorset

Do you need the best loft conversions Dorset has available? Vogue Construction is a building company based in Bournemouth and provides services for the whole of Dorset. We can ensure that you get your dream loft conversion through our skills and experience with creative designs from our in-house architect that is sure to put your loft to better use. Give us a call on 01202 593236 to receive your free no-obligation quote!

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Loft Conversions in Dorset

Loft conversions are becoming more and more popular in the beautiful county of Dorset. Did you know that your loft space can typically take up about 30% of your total floor space? This is a lot of the space of your property that is typically unused or used solely for storage space. Have you thought about having a loft conversion? It comes with a wide range of benefits including increasing your property value by 10-20%!

Vogue Construction is a building specialist who can provide you with the best loft conversions Dorset has to offer. How do we achieve this? With over 37 years experience in the building industry, we have learnt all the tricks of the trade and have developed the best skills with all aspects of building work.

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10-20% + value
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Building Companies In Dorset

Whether you have an idea of what you’d like us to build for you, or you’d like some ideas from us; Vogue Construction is here to help. We can create and bring building designs from your mind to paper. If you have the perfect vision in your mind of what you’d like, then our in-house architects can help you bring them to life before the building takes place. 

No building work will begin until you and the architect have come up with the perfect plan and you are happy for construction to take place. Then your builders in Dorset will bring your designs to life as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your new building work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Loft conversions are the most proven way to effectively increase the value and size of your property without having to buy a new property. The most common use for a loft space is for storage; things that stay stored and don’t get used. What if there was a better use for all that space in your loft? The great thing about a loft conversion is that the possibilities are almost endless. Do you have a large loft space? Why not create a whole extra floor with lots of rooms? You can have an extra bedroom, a gym room, a games room; absolutely anything that you’d like. Vogue Construction can provide you with unique loft conversions for any idea that you may have.

Properties that have loft spaces are often large in themselves, if you’re thinking of selling up and moving on to pastures new, then maybe you should get a loft conversion. Loft conversions typically increase your property value by 10-20% and the profit you’d make is larger than the cost of our loft conversions Dorset services. This is because as you’re building upwards instead of outwards, it is cheaper, and you don’t always need planning permission which can slow down building work dramatically.

Many of our Dorset based customers ask us if it’s possible to convert their loft and the answer is most likely. Depending on your structure, you can extend your loft space by up to 50m3 or 40m3 for a terraced house; this is a lot of extra space in addition to your existing loft space! Vogue Construction can send a builder to assess your property and discuss your loft conversion options.

Vogue Construction can provide you with a comprehensive loft conversion service in Dorset which gives you access to cool lofts that fulfil all your criteria. What’s great about Vogue Construction, is that we give you an all-in-one service; you don’t need to go to another company for any aspect of your loft conversion. We can offer you all the products you need in addition to builders, carpenters and even designers! All of which are second to none in quality and creativity to bring you unique loft conversions.

Everyone wants a service where they can go away feeling happy. Not just because of the result, but because of the friendly service that you received too. Here at Vogue Construction, we believe in delivering exceptional, friendly and transparent service to all our customers in Dorset; part of this is providing affordable loft conversion services. Our builders and carpenters will also ensure that the disruption to your property is kept to a minimum as we are carrying out your loft conversion.

So why would you actually need a loft conversion? Well, in addition to adding a lovely brand new space to your home with the high-quality craftsmanship provided by our company it can also be beneficial to the overall market value of your property. Here are a few of the benefits:

Lower household costs with the isolation included in each conversion. Good isolation means less loss of heat and less energy is required in winter to keep the house warm, saving money on your bills.

The advantages of family life should also be considered. A new bedroom can provide accommodation to a growing family, and a bureau or studio can allow you to remain productive in home without having to struggle with accommodation.

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Trustworthy Builders in Dorset

Don’t be fooled by adverts that you see pinned to billboards or a flyer that was handed to you promoting building services; these builders are desperately looking for work and if they’ve got no work coming in, that usually makes a statement about the quality of the team. Here at Vogue Construction, most of our work comes from referrals from our happy customers as we strive to deliver the best quality. All our builders in Broadstone are fully accredited; you can find us registered on the Federation of Master Builders and the Independent Network. Additionally, we are Trustmark endorsed which means that we conform to the building regulations that the UK government have set.

Loft Conversion Quote in Dorset

Whichever loft conversion you would like us to create, Vogue Construction has got you covered. Give us a call on 01202 593236 to receive a free no-obligation quote for your loft conversions Dorset service.


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